Vitalee, Inc. ("Vitalee") is incorporated in the State of California and is founded by Dr. A.J. Khan to create a specialized holistic product line for the entire Alternative Health Care Industry; in this strength thousands across the globe have already experienced the positive change in their daily life and the confidence of living a healthier life. Over the next few years, we anticipate advances in alternative healthcare products and services which will alter the landscape of daily healthcare needs. Our product line is defined as "dietary supplement" in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994.

We are accountable to the people we touch and service. They are the people who use our products and who help make our products. They are our neighbors with whom we share this planet, and the shareholders who invest their trust and hard earned money in our vision to advance in healthcare.


A.J. Khan PhD, Chairman /CEO

Dr. Khan is a technology visionary and entrepreneur who enjoys bringing challenging and rewarding business concepts to a commercial realty. Dr. Khan brings 32 years of varied multi-disciplinary experience in research and executive management to the company and has worked with fortune 100 companies in U.S, Japan, Holland, Singapore, and Korea, chartered to optimized business operations and developing interactive relationship for efficiency among various groups. His inspiration and passion in life is to leave behind a better and healthier world than he found it.

His strength and expertise are in ensuring that product cost, development schedules, and performance constraints are optimized in all development activities to meet market windows. During the last 32 years Dr. Khan has worked in product development at CDC, IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, Micropolis, Acropolis and Cyrsh Technologies.

Imran Firoz MBA, BSc (Chem Eng.), Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Firoz has held a variety of leadership and advisory positions for over 15 years. A result oriented senior executive with extensive experience in implementing internal & financial controls, P&L management, restructuring, investment banking, strategic planning & corporate development, and risk management policies. He has also acted as an advisor to various CEOs and Boards. He has served on major transactions including $10 billion three-way mega gold merger of New Newmont-Normandy-Franco-Nevada and advisor to Treasurer of Hydro One on the restructuring and sale of Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation debt of $2.9 billion in the Canadian public debt markets. He has advised several private equity firms in the Middle East, South East Asia and Canada including sell side advice on multi-million dollar purchase of diesel and crude palm oil, investment evaluation of various real estate projects with Tameer and Nakheel, to name a few.

Mr. Firoz received his MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business from University of Western Ontario, Canada. He achieved his Financial Risk Manager Certification from Global Association of Risk Professional in New Jersey.

Jay Robert Friend, Executive vice president- Investors Relations

Over the last 35 years Mr. Friend has worked in various operationally diversified management positions from Project Manager to Division Manager with companies such as FMC Corporation, Bemis Company, and Presto Products, Inc. Mr. Friend has had the responsibly for division profit and loss and operational budgets while, hiring, training, staffing and managing the personnel in line business units. Mr. Friend has been instrumental in developing new products, significantly improving existing product margins and production efficiency while directing and accelerating market penetrations and manufacturing expansions of new and existing products at various companies.

Mr. Friend is experienced in providing innovative solutions to product positioning, business management, strategic corporate planning, market research product branding, and contract negotiations. He is Skilled in development of professional and cohesive, productive and interactive relationship between corporate executive staff and investors.

Dr. George Paskalov, Research Associates

Dr. Paskalov is a Scientist in the field of Plasma technology. Authored 2 books, published more than 59 technical articles and owned 6 patents in technology. Presently Dr. Paskalov is CEO of Polymet Inc and had been a Research Scientist at UCLA. His expertise includes low temperature (vacuum) gas discharge plasma for modification of surface properties of various materials, water thermo-dynamic and macro-kinetics analyses Dr Paskalov has developed new plasma method of sterilization of medical instruments, and waste water.

Karim Daghbouche, M.A, Director European Operations

Mr. Daghbouche is an executive with 15 years of experience in healthcare markets. His has a track record of expertise in four early stage companies, which included team development, public relations, coordination of vision/mission with primarily focus on building international references, executing global accounts strategy, synchronization of international considerations new business development through horizontal and vertical partners. In his past start ups with JETLOG Corporation. Germany and a branch office setup in Dubai, Mr.Daghbouche provided leadership, management, and motivation for international team members, developed, communicated, and managed global operations under the premises: primacy on global strategy versus regional considerations. Mr. Daghbouche earned his Master in Political Science and Foundation of Science with a Ph/D h.c. pot. in Theoretical Physics and Axiomatic Set Theory in Germany.
Product helps and supports following ailments
  • Anti Aging
  • Low Energy
  • Weight control
  • Sugar Balance
  • Cholesterol
  • Eye Functions
  • Bones & Teeth
  • Hormone Balance
  • Immune & Sinus Functions
  • Memory & brain functions
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Skin, nail and hair loss
  • Stress & depression relief
  • Bowl functions
  • Cleaning, Detox & Digestion
  • Joints pain
  • Sleep disorder
  • Cholesterol
  • Antioxidant
  • Blood Pressure
  • Dementia
  • Jetlag
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